Charity Services

  1. LLWF is committed to public service.
  2. This department of LLWF is where we transform society by giving back in service to our communities; locally, nationally and globally. In our eight years of service, LLWF is blessed to have learned many lessons in overcoming adversity; it is our intent to share our experiences with future generations.
  3. We can achieve this goal by paying it forward to empower those less fortunate; this is where we a shift from a me-orientation to a we-orientation.


Identity Photography Show at the Bike Oven in Highland Park, Los Angeles, Calif. June 2015 was a great success with 300 people in attendance.

Team LLWF Charity Run Club

Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression and a negative mindset by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. In addition, service to others in combination with exercise will provide a sense of purpose and drive for the individual as well as the community.

Oceti Sakowin Community Bike Shop

Oceti Sakowin Community Bike Shop (formally known as Standing Rock Bike Shop) is located at the Water Protection Site in Cannonball, N.D. on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. This movement is not only about the water, the sacred Native American Lands, and the pipeline, but also is about those people who decided to stand in solidarity for clean water.


My plan for contributing to the Standing Rock Sioux families and activists was to provide reliable transportation using bicycles between camp areas, raise camp morale, and cater to physical training. To create a relaxed common bond and will be a direct asset used throughout the community for the adults and kids alike. And that is exactly what I did. The shop space became a place for having open discussions, mentorship, teach sustainable energy classes, and will become an outstanding environment for growth as a community.  

The project was funded needed as soon as possible. This project is supporting the Native American's RIGHT TO LIVE. The Standing Rock movement can save the world from depending on crude oil and will be the flagship movement to show how the strength of a unified community can make an impact in it.


Deported Veterans #BringThemHome