Color Portraits

  • 01_DET-PITT_x_JUN18_72
  • 02_Eugene_Petty_LLWF_Detroit_72
  • pauses for a moment as he’s helping a fellow water protector activist who is stuck in the snow at Standing Rock.
  • 04_Jessie_A_Da_C_LLWF_JUN13_72
  • 05_CLARK-L_Homeless_LLWF_APR16_72
  • 06_Meliney_Horse_llwf_Jul13_72
  • Saturday 20 July 2013 
Dylan Thomas from Staten Island, Ny. gave me a very warm welcome to the golden gate neighborhood in Highland Park Detroit. Thomas is a passionate . Thomas volunteers his time at Planet Red Bikes bike shop and the Golden Gate Cafe.
  • This West Coast Flava Flava from San Francisco. Flava Flava claimed to have the greatest entertainment  service on the west coast. When I asked him why is that, he replied with, “because I’m good at it.”
  • 09_Mr_Detroit_Green-L_JUL13_72
  • 10__Chris_LiB_27_llwf_JUN15_72
  • 11_Chicago_SOX_4.0-L_SEP10_72
  • 12_India_ct_llwf_SF_JUN13_72
  • 13_Hector-L_dtla_18th_MAR16_72
  • 14_Michelle_Maclellan-L_Model_OCT15_72
  • 15_Jesse_Ill_L_Win_DEC16_72
  • 16_Dee_Oakland_llwf_SS_FEB15_72
  • 17_Ariel Archaic Flame_llwf_SF_JUL13_72
  • –
Kurt was rather spontaneous and wanted to throw the a football across 2nd & Market street in downtown SF!
  • 19_Mikey_Virgil-L_CROP_MAR15_72
  • 20_Felix_Pintor_VB_62-L_MAR15_72
  • 21_Sam_Devine-L_MotorCycle_JUN13_72
  • Victoria Peters poses for a golden hour portrait in downtown Bowling Green, Ky.
  • 23_Working-L_Class_Blu_Atx_NOV15_72
  • 24_Mark Hnsko_Free_13-L_JAN11_72