PHOTO Photography is something we passionately hold as our foundation, originating as a portrait photography brand in 2011. In our eight-year history, LLWF has captured over 5,000 portraits in 36 states during our coast-to-coast adventures. LLWF photos are organized into portrait, essays, and event photography here.
Ruby Tuesday Tee
PROJECTS Over the course of the last eight years since LLWF was founded, we have completed 18 major cross-country tours consisting of 30,000 miles hitchhiking, 7,000 miles on a motorcycle, 4,500 miles cycling, 17,000 in my van, and have resided in 13 cities. Displayed here are the stories and photography from 6 of the LLWF adventures.
PROGRAMS This department of LLWF is where we transform society by giving back in service to our communities; locally, nationally and globally. In our eight years of service, LLWF is blessed to have learned many lessons in overcoming adversity; it is our intent to share it with future generations. We can achieve this goal by paying it forward to empower those less fortunate; this is where we a shift from a me-orientation to a we-orientation.
ART "The destination is the journey." Having become an experienced traveler, we have created artwork based the trials and tribulations of the road less traveled. Click here to see LLWF fine art and photo illustrations.
ABOUT LLWF established 2011 is a value-based lifestyle brand focused on empowering others regardless of their background to accept and drive forward through every challenge head-on. Click here to learn more current operations, our rich history, and the biography of our founder, Drew Bly.